The Story of A Slave

In his second letter to his daughter, he wrote a story about a slave in a far off land.

“Jonathan waited for the empty tea cup. It came to him aerially and just missed his face, pouring hot tea all over him. He was not surprised even though he knew he didn’t make the tea and the tea drops that trickled to his lips tasted really good.

While he stood there silently, in the midst of all the noise, he tried to remember his past. All he could remember was his daughter’s face, who was taken away from him and broken by his wife and family. He couldn’t remember that he was a teacher in a school, nor that he was pushed into slavery as a punishment for a crime that he didn’t commit. Neither did he have a count of wrong doings against him. He also thought that perhaps his name was indeed Jonathan. He also had no clue what all he swallowed daily as his ration of drugs.

When night fell, he was sent back to his shack. He slept for around 6 hours, and got woken up by loud noises of trucks unloading. He sat on the ground and tried to remember again. He remembered collapsing several years ago, after he was beaten up for a whole day. He remembered telling the doctor that he conversed with God in his meditations. The doctor was annoyed. He had told him the crimes he heard and saw in the society and done to him. That annoyed him even more and prescribed medication to cure hallucinations. Those medicines made him forget many things at times. But he could remember everything every once in a while. He continued to talk to God in silence, who showed him everything man had to know but no one he heard of was aware. He also remembered his daughter’s face all the time, till he died on the floor that morning.”






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