They knew

There were people of all sorts. There were ideologies. There were political, religious, economic, and even lifestyle ideologies. There were groups of people – groups of people speaking same language, or from the same region, with similar jobs, same gender, and what not – groups of people brought together by whatever you could think of. They all wanted more people on their side. They all wanted to win. Some of them wanted money, some of them power, fame, some of them wanted satisfaction of their ego, and some of them just wanted to win. They thought they are playing a game, and had their eyes on the hefty prize money. Little did they know that they are playing with the life of a person and his dear and near ones. Such is the
selfishness of humans that they are deluded into believing whatever suits their needs.

When they destroyed him and his people, little did they know, anything for that matter….

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