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One question/comment I received for my first post (‘Rest in Peace‘) is that “issues of fitting to the known moulds of the world –
Poor guy, but he can stand his ground , all people proved themselves in a big way probably had phase like this and they sailed through it without getting moulded.”

That prompted me to write about the intention and plan for this blog. It is more like as follows, as I replied to him:

“… that’s what you probably want for him, seeing his poor condition, which is great. The blog talks about what ppl diagnosed with schizophrenia and others who have lost all hope in goodness of people and life in general, generally have to go through… It’s written so that they can identify with their own experiences, and probably give them, some hope of being still strong, and a way forward, in which they can fight for their right to live and live with dignity. They becoming bigshots is not what it is about. It’s more about how people treat them, consider themselves superior, make fun of them, spread stories about them, provoke them, hurt them, and try to destroy them. Eventually, leading to their running away from life, in some way or the other, including suicide or running away into the streets or wild, or people close to them trying to help them by putting them in mental asylums, for fear of others hurting them, and in hope that at least they will be alive albeit in some half dead form.

The blog is about showing such poor persons an alternate path for them, and telling the world in their face, how bad they treat such people. And not just people who are diagnosed with schizophrenia or those who eventually commit suicide, the intention is for the blog to become something that exposes the world that mistreats any weak/out of the mould persons, or even other species. So that such living things are empowered and can uphold their right to live and live with dignity. And as you said, some of them might as well become bigshots, if they survive the odds. But that’s not the blog is about.

It’s more about the rights of every being to live, live with dignity and freedom. If it’s allowed to them they might as well live, and probably prosper too, as their well-wishers hope for”

2 thoughts on “About This Blog

    1. I see people suffering everywhere. The weak at the hands of the powerful. Meaning of power vary, it could be physical, financial, intellectual, political, religious, organizational, authoritarian, scientific, regional, etc.
      I see this problem everywhere, where there is lack of mutual respect.
      And I have seen this issue around me personally as well as in the media, in various levels of severity. To start with I’m addressing the issue of individuals threatened by groups, where, the affected individual goes through unbearable torment, and results in even suicide in many cases.


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