Rest in Peace

He used to talk. He spoke truth. And he spoke irrespective of the listener.
Then he had to stop talking. He painted. He painted irrespective of the viewer.
Then he had to stop painting.
Then others came and talked to him. He nodded or smiled, out of courtesy.
Then he had to run away from people coming to talk to him. He still kept reading, seeing and listening. People started interpreting his smiles, frowns and what not .
He had to stop moving muscles on his face. At times he couldn’t help but give away a smile, seeing the human condition.
Then people knew he was mad, for sure, as how else a person could smile even after him and his people destroyed in every sense of the word!
They started putting various things into him in various ways, which they knew how exactly will cure him, and he has to be cured, cured of his smiles, as he has a responsibility to the world.
The substances and the torture made him physically and mentally tired. He started mumbling out of delirium. People now found him easier to understand, as they could interpret randomness the way they wished.

Now, he started talking and painting again whenever he had the strength to do so. They will have no choice but to increase the dosage. Poor people, they are helpless, they need to help and cure this person, so that he could fulfill his responsibilities to the world!
No, it’s not for the world, he has to fulfill his responsibilities. It’s for himself, how else his soul will rest in peace!

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